Magnifique Monday

This last week my kids have managed to smash 3 pieces of our dinner setting – which is the inspiration behind todays Magnifique Monday.

Hand Painted Dinner Set


Hand painted by bhavnasharma on Etsy, I would love this setting – apart from the stress of watching my kids wash it up….

Gorgeously simple and inspired by the intricate artwork of Henna tattoos – the set is composed of four ceramic dinner plates, four large bowls, and four mugs.

And all the proceeds from this product go to –

Project RISHI (Rural India Social and Health Improvement), a non-profit organization based at the University of California Los Angeles and Berkeley whose focus is to develop and transform rural India villages into progressive and modern communities. This organization aims to start with a village in Southern India, Vadamanappakkam, a village located 100 miles from Chennai. They have built a medical clinic to act as the main source of primary health care for the community, but needs support of sponsors for funding and infrastructure. Other future projects include development of nutritional programs, children’s recreational facilities, water purification systems, and modern sewer systems.

Not only a beautiful hand painted purchase, but you’re supporting a worthy cause as well.

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