Magnifique Monday – Jesse Reno

Just how seriously awesome is this guitar?!

Jesse Reno Custom Built Guitar

Featuring the artwork of Jesse Reno

I’ve always wanted to learn the guitar – and if I was to own this beauty I’d play every day!

Jesse Reno Hand-painted Guitar

Artwork by self-taught, mixed media painter Jesse Reno

Jesse says:

This is the first in a series of custom guitar collaborations that I am doing with Birdman guitars (Poirtland, OR). The guitar body was hand-painted by myself and custom built by some of the finest guitar technicians in the city under the direction of Peter Dyrhaug.

Find this incredible Custom Built and Hand Painted Guitar , original paintings and books of Jesse’s artwork at his Etsy store – ¬†Jesse Reno’s Etsy.

Or visit his website -

Who else wants to learn to play now?!

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