Magnifique Monday

I love to window shop. Especially for those ‘big ticket’ items… you know, the ones that you have to save your pennies for. Magnifique Monday’s are devoted to such… handmade finds we may not be able to afford right now, but maybe some day…


“one of a handmade series reinterpreting the valet stand from western cultural traditions.inspiration of form is from the Aboriginal ‘boomerang’ and the carved Maori ‘hei-matau’ or kiwi fish-hook motifs, seen in its shadow. titled “Et Tu”, being Maori for “stand up”, as a comic relief pun constructed from a 3d calligraphic tag that can bring you order + clarity to sorting the day’s clothes.

From mpathe (on Made It) –  the studio of simon alexander cook practicising as a multimedia artist and designer.

currently producing timber furniture, sculpture with ecological habitat interests and public artwork installations in sydney simon has worked with leading architects and designers, has exhibited in melbourne, sydney, adelaide and germany, and has work in public and private collections.”

To me it has a skeletal, dinosaur quality.  Rearing on its hind legs and daring you to get near… I love it!

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