I am making time…



The thing we all moan that we don’t have enough of.
The thing we all wish we had more of.
And the thing that regardless of your race, religion or eye colour, everyone who inhabits this Earth has in common.

24 hours in a day

Things have been a little pear-shaped again of late (more to come on that week after next) and it makes me wonder why it is that it’s always a life-altering event that makes us stop and smell the proverbial roses.

Despite my good intentions to carve out an hour to myself each day, I am going to be brutally honest with myself…  in between life, loves and passions I know that one hour each and every day is not going to happen.

Which is why I am going to start with 2 minutes.

And not even 2 minutes every hour.  Just 2 minutes when things get a little overwhelming and my body and/or mind starts sending those stop and smell the roses signals.

2 minutes…

It’s do-able, achievable and a starting-point for more.

Will you join me?
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2 Responses to I am making time…

  1. Janine October 9, 2013 at 12:53 PM #

    ahhh life altering events and funerals have the same effect on me. I always navel gaze a lot then. I think it’s because we are too busy doing this and that and then something like this happens and we are forced to stop and think. 2 mins is doable, good luck with that I am sure you will slay that. Love the concept of starting small. I will confess that I am getting better with creating more time for me and that I do 30mins a day at the moment.

    • Tasha Chawner October 9, 2013 at 3:38 PM #

      Thirty whole minutes just to you, Janine… I will admit to being just a little jealous.

      It always seems to the bad or the negative that makes us slow down, doesn’t it? I wonder how we differently we would treat ourselves if it was the happy and the positive that caused us to do it…
      T xo

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