Creative Introduction: Marie Cristine Jewelry

Fused Sterling Silver Cuff

Fused Sterling Silver Cuff

Todays featured artist is Marie Cristine Lund of Marie Cristine Jewelry.

An outstanding artist who works in sterling silver, copper, gold and gemstones – and mum to twins – Marie Cristine’s love of jewellery is among one of her earliest memories.

With many of her designs being one-of-a-kind, a visit to the Gallery on Marie Cristine’s website is a must.

A member of SATeam (Starving Artists Etsy Team) she agreed to go under the spotlight….

NAME: Marie Cristine Lund

AGE: 33

HOMETOWN: Lillooet,  British Columbia,  Canada

1) What time of day are you at your creative best?

Late morning into afternoon, but that might be because the kids are at school so I’m not being interupted as much as when they are home.

2) Where do you find your inspiration? Do you have any ‘rituals’ to help put you in the creative state-of-mind?

I always listen to music and either have coffee, tea or wine at hand.

3) How do you squeeze crafting into your busy life?

It’s hard, I have two 6 year olds and husband that works from home and we are also building a new house ourselves so it’s really hard to find enough time to work on building my business.

4) What are you working on now?

This and that, I just bought a rolling mill so I have been playing around and learning what I can do with it.

5) What three tools could you not live without?

Cutters, torch and a hammer.

Thanks for sharing with us Marie Cristine.  Love your designs!!

You can find Marie Cristine’s designs at her website – Marie Cristine ; her Etsy shop and keep up to date with her jewellery journey at her blog.

Tutorial for these earrings available at Marie Cristines website

Tutorial for these earrings available at Marie Cristines website

Contact me View my portfolio Visit the shop

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2 Responses to Creative Introduction: Marie Cristine Jewelry

  1. Caron March 4, 2009 at 10:20 PM #

    Its wonderful reading the story behind the creator of the jewellery. Marie Christine – your work is stunning! Thanks Tash – it’s great to see you promoting talented artists on your blog!

  2. foryoudesigns March 5, 2009 at 1:34 PM #

    Thanks Caron!
    I thinks it is a part of what makes handmade jewellery extra special – behind each design is a story.
    Hoping to take a look at more SATeam members in the weeks to come.

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