McHattan Park Market Day

Today was the Annual McHattan Part Market Day.

After a series of thunderstorms went through the area yesterday afternoon, & dumped heaps of rain on us, I was wondering if they would even be on.  I had great plans of having an early start – down to the Park at 7:30, in order to be set up by 8 a.m., which was the official start time. 

I asked my husband to wake me at 6:30 a.m. – I’m not that good at getting out of bed!  He did wake me, as asked…. at 7:15, when he woke.  Not a good start.

A look out the window, & I was sure the market wouldn’t be running, so I had my leisurely morning cup of coffee – no rush, no panic.  Jumped in the car at 8 to check & see if anyone was there….  Aaaaarrrrggghh!!

I had been anticipating a good crowd in town.  Not only do the locals do a wonderful job of supporting these events – the funds raised from the Market are used to assist local charities – but today was also the Federal Election.  So basically, everyone HAD to come to town to vote, & what better way to spend your morning than socialising at the Park!!  But would they hang around the soggy, damp, threatening-rain park??

The answer is YES.  The rain stayed away, the locals ventured over & everyone had a great day. 

There were 2 highlights in my day….  my first customer – a 3 year old girl, who purchased (courtesy of her grandma’s purse) a set of pink flowered hair clips.  I had a lovely conversation with her about how she was excited that Santa would be here soon, & that she had asked him for a new blowdryer, because her brother had caused her other one to blow up!!

The second highlight was helping an older gentleman pick a bracelet for his soon-to-be 14 year old grand-daughter.  He was unsure of what to get her, but in talking to him I learned that he his very close to her (she is his first grand-child), & that he wishes that he could see more of her, but she lives too far away.

For me, that is part of the joy of creating.  Finding out a little bit about the person, a bit of their history, that the piece of jewellery you created is going to become a part of.

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