Meet Bob the Assassin

Meet Bob. The assassin.

Bob the Assassin has become something of a regular feature in our house of late.
He has his own arsenal of weapons.
A lair  – “Because the good guys have bases and the bad guys have lairs, Mum”.
A sworn enemy named Steve.
And a predilection for beheading his sworn enemy and sticking said head on a pike.


Bob’s entry and staying power has got me wondering again… Why is it, regardless of the fact that we’ve raised our two kids in exactly the same way – dump trucks, dress ups, soccer balls, Lego and Bratz all round – that boys brains seem to be hardwired for chaos and death.

At the same age Daughter was in to fairies and dress ups and Bratz dolls.  Death never entered in to it.

And yet Bob is about to feature in his own stop-motion animation…!

While I’m not worried about Bob’s behaviour (or the Little Man’s for that matter), it’s made me more aware of what he is watching on television and the games he is playing on his Nintendo.  Husband and I are pretty strict on ratings – G or PG, and only M if it has been viewed by us first and deemed suitable – so again I wonder… where is it coming from?

And should I be worried?

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