My Back Drama Continued

Had the appointment with the neurosurgeon on Monday & Tuesday of last week. 

After an MRI (boy those things are noisy & claustrophobic), the diagnosis was 2 prolapsed discs.  One has a tear and has been leaking fluid.  The other is pressing onto both the left & right nerve bundles, causing loss of reflexes & numbness.

Plan of attack is to try cortisone injections into the affected sites.  That needs to be arranged through my GP, and will be administered by a pain anaethetist.  One, possibly two injections, depending upon how I respond.

In addition to that, I am supposed to swim – in Walcha where it is winter 8 months of the year??!!!  – do abdominal strengthening exercises & try physio again.  I’m opting for weekly massages, treat the whole body -not just the affected area.

So for now it is back to playing the waiting game….

We got to see the Pasha Bulker though, on our way through to Sydney – WOW!!  The captain really needs his butt kicked. 

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