My Brooch Experiment

Or my alternative (and I think preferred) title –

Jess Made Me Do It

It was Jess’ blog post this week about the beginning of her brooch collection that prompted this bit of experimentation.

Handmade Copper Brooch

What do you think?

I’m a big fan of brooches as well.  Especially this time of year, when all of my scarves, wraps and jumpers come out of hibernation and get a huge workout.  (I do live on top of a mountain – 1067 metres above sea level actually – so the weather can get pretty darned cold!)

My favourite-most-loved brooch used to belong to my Great-Grandma.  She was the cranky, opinionated matriarch of the family. Loved us all un-conditionally though.  But she would tell you if you screwed up.

Anyway, I digress.  I received this brooch from her jewellery collection after she passed away.  Looking back now, I realise that she had an awesome assortment of jewellery.

Marquisite and Rhinestone Brooch

My Great-Grandma's Brooch

I tend not to wear that many necklaces and bangles during winter – long sleeves and big coats hide them away.  I do however love wrapping my scarves (and wraps in particular) up around my neck (keeps me super warm).

Copper Brooch with Wrap

As modeled by Daughters BFF - thanks Chloe!

So, Jess made me do it.  Planted this seed and this is the end result.

Opinions please?!
Should I do more?

They’ll be really sculptural pieces like this one.  And all from copper.  It adds beautiful warmth to winter clothes.

The end results still need finessing, but I like!


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2 Responses to My Brooch Experiment

  1. Jess June 12, 2010 at 2:26 PM #

    Very cool! I like the rustic nature of it, and you’re right about the copper!!

    And hehe, I made you do it – yay for being an inspiration! 😀

    • foryoudesigns June 12, 2010 at 2:44 PM #

      Thanks Jess – for the feedback and the inspiration 🙂

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