My Muse is Back

Hammering copper on my favourite anvil – a piece of salvaged railway line!

My muse is back and I’m gonna be in trouble,
Hey-la-day-la my muse is back!

She made an appearance after our few days by the beach and I love having her back – bless her organic cotton socks!

It was a phrase I read – and for the life of me I don’t remember where it was now -but it was something along the lines of

find your style, stick to it, develop it, love it, go with it!

The style I love is simple.  Made with copper… or maybe brass… or sometimes silver – depending on my mood.  But always, absolutely, definitely not something you’re going to find in any department store.

Raw, natural and organic – kind of like me 🙂  Uniquely hammered.  And different, out of the ordinary… DIFFERENT.

I love different!

Entwined – made from half a metre of copper and hammered until ‘just right’. Available soon.

At the request of a friend – who is a huge fan and supporter of my work – I’ve created one in silver as well.

Entwined Silver Bangle – this bangle will be available as a custom order only.

And I’ve also made some as a single bangle.

Entwined Single Bangle in copper – each design will be a little different. One of the beauties of handmade.

I’ll be releasing the designs in to the blog shop over the coming days.  If you’re liking what you see, be sure and subscribe to the blog by email (see top right box of sidebar) to be the first to know that they are available (and to find out about the little opening special I’m thinking of running as well!)

And what do you think of the named Entwined?

A huge thank you to Sue for making the suggestion.  Really quite apt, I think.


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