{My Studio} Scrap Metal Pendants

Had one of those happy accident moments this week!

I was trying to melt and flatten metal similar to what I had done in these earrings:

but all was not going well…

I’ve always saved my bits of scrap metal.  Never really had any definite plan of what I would do with it, but when I was asked to make the pair of earrings pictured above as a gift for one of my Besties 40th’s, I stumbled across the technique of melting and flattening.

I save my metals in glass screw top jars - easy to see at a glance which one I need to grab.

And since then I’ve been busting to do it again.

But today it didn’t work.  I don’t know why.

Obviously holding my tongue the wrong way!?

All I ended up with were these disgusting globs which were blackened and had bits of fire brick sticking to the backs of them.

I think these will end up in the bin!

After some choice swear words, I pulled out my trusty little lead-sinker frypan (yes, I bought it from a fishing shop and it’s used to melt and pour the lead for sinkers) and my plumbers blow torch (who says you need proper jewellers tools!) and set to work again.

Which is when the happy accident happened!

All finished & shiny after being tumbled

I’ve decided to turn them in to simple pendants.  I really like the form of the middle one, so I’m thinking I might keep it for myself.  They’re nice and shiny above, but before I put them in the tumbler for 24 hours, they were quite rough, so I went over each pendant carefully and filed away any sharp edges.  I’m really happy with how this happy accident has turned out and I’m keen to try creating them in copper and a mix of sterling silver and copper… Just have to be patient and wait for the weekend now!

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