{family} One Year On – A Big Brother Update

Jess of Epheriell Designs just tweeted asking for happy life stories – to which I replied…

“I found my older brother last year.  He was adopted at birth & I never thought we would ever meet.  AND we get along fabulously!”

It’s actually 12 months today since I got the phone call to say that Mick had accessed his adoption file, and wanted to get in touch with me.

And it’s been 12 months of amazing-ness (I know it’s not a word, but that is what it’s been!)

Here’s some of our highlights…

View 12 Months of Mick

From left to right: The baby brother and the big brother; Four of the five siblings together; Catching up at the kitchen table; A ‘huge’ Christmas!

We don’t get to see one another as often as we would like, but we talk on the phone regularly.  We’ve done a lot of catching up.  There were 40-odd give-or-take years to catch up on.

And a lot of memories to yet to make…

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