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Back in late March this year, Daughter got sick – really sick.  The glands in her neck were that swollen that she was lapsing in and out of consciousness with the pain.  It was a scary couple of days.

After a (mis-)diagnosis of mumps, and the required exclusion period from school, she seemed to start to mend.

But we were faced with a whole new set of symptoms – fatigue and aching joints, and her glands were definitely not going down.

In our family, we try to let our bodies do the healing (with nutritional and homeopathic support), but after a month of very little improvement, I was beginning to suspect Glandular Fever.

Several blood test later – all with no results – I requested a rheumatoid factor test, which came back slightly elevated.

Our GP began to suspect Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis, which really started to get us worried.  And by now Daughter was really not in a good way.  She wasn’t sleeping well and was in fairly constant pain with her joints.

As a family, and definitely for our Sweet Girl, we’d all reached a point where we realised that we needed professional medical help.

Enter Pauline – our naturopath.

And the beginning of our health journey.

Over the next several weeks, I will share with you some of things we’ve been learning about health and nutrition – and giving our bodies the support they need in order to not be host to the nasties that circulate our world.

I am by no means a trained medical professional and do not under any circumstances pretend to be.  Any information I share with you here is based purely on personal experience.  I strongly advise that you consult with a trained naturopath or medical professional before undertaking any changes to you or your family’s current health, nutrition or exercise regimes.

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