My Back Drama

The history…..

When we moved to Walcha, I was unlucky enough to hurt my back.  I now am the proud owner of 2 bulging discs in the L4-L5 and L5-S1 vertabral spaces.  Combined with mild disc degeneration, I’ve had a pretty awful time since December. 

I’ve tried physio, chiro and resorted to massage.  I’m a massage devotee – I’m a believer in healing the whole person, not just the affected area.

Well, today was another check-up with my GP.  He’s gotten me in to see a neuro-surgeon….. on Monday.  I’m scared.  Really scared (read:tears today at lunch when I told my husband about the appointment).  Whichever way the neuro-surgeon decides to treat me, I’m scared.

As a consequence of my back injury though, I’ve re-assessed a lot of things in life.  I delegate – my kids are incredibly capable.  I don’t clean my floors every other day – you see, clean floors are my “thing”.  I’ve learned to ask for help. 

It’s affected how I run my business as well.  This year was meant to be MY YEAR.  I’ve had to change the way I operate.  For the better – stand back and look at everything from a bad back point of view. 

It’s been a good thing, apart from the constant pain.  It’s one of those “appreciate what you have” moments – that’s been going on for 6 months now.

Wish me luck….

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What is a fascinator?

So, what is a fascinator?  Funnily enough, up until 12 months ago, I’d never heard of them either! 

A fascinator is a hair accessory, commonly worn by women, on the head or in the hair.  It can be anything from a small piece, to an elaborate creation, but is generally smaller than a hat.

Materials used include:

 – feathers – a common & favourite feature;

– sinamay – a woven texture that can be purchased flat or in rolls, originally made from the abaca tree (kind of looks like a banana tree), but also man-made;

-various fabrics – another favourite is netting;

-& flowers – silk or synthetic.

How did I come to be interested in them?

On a dare!!!!

I belong to the tribe of short-haired women, and tend to be one who is not so interested in the frou-frou that the ladies of the long-hair tribe enjoy.

I was having my weekly visit with a friend who owns the boutique – “No Rules” – in Lismore, and somehow the discussion came around to horse racing & the Lismore Cup.

I’d never even been to the races before, and didn’t have a clue about these fascinator-thingee’s.  So I set about educating myself.

They are good fun to make.  The sinamay can be sculpted into so many different shapes, and the assortment of feathers & flowers available is just amazing.  Talk about kid in a candy store.

This is one of my favourites….

I call it Extravagant.  Hand-stitched and sculpted sinamay with red rooster copque feathers.


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