Photo a Day April – Something I Found

What did I find today…?

A new line in the Macro range!!

Being the Conservative Hippy that I am, I’ve been moving over to organic, free range, home grown and bio-dynamic foods bit by bit over the last 18 months to 2 years (basically since Daughter got sick and we started seeing our wonderful naturopath Pauline).

So imagine my excitement today when I found these organic meatballs in the freezer section!?
Now I don’t eat red-and-dead, but my taste buds have been out-of-whack lately and I heartily devoured as many as the kids tonight (we’ll see what my stomach thinks of red-and-dead in a couple of hours).

But regardless of what my stomach thinks, this addition to the Macro range will be most welcome by the family and I’m glad I found them today!

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