Photo a Day April – Where I Ate Breakfast

Where I had breakfast this morning is the same place I have breakfast most mornings.

I’ll run you through what you can see…

The tiered do-hicky (technical name is bioSnacky mini greenhouse) is where I sprout alfalfa.  I used to sprout them the old-fashioned way in a glass jar, but since I’ve started using the do-hicky and the kids can watch them growing, I can’t keep supply up to the demand.  We’re all guilty of walking past the do-hicky, taking the lid off and stuffing a handful of alfalfa in our mouths!

The glass is my coconut oil and honey drink.  Coconut oil is full of delicious goodness and the kids and I have a glass every morning.

Yes, you do see Jacob on the side of my coffee mug!  A Mothers Day gift from my family, I’m definitely all about the wolf (much to Daughters disgust).

The books are Jamie’s Kitchen and The World’s Top Photographers: Portraits.  Finding some yummy recipes to add to my repertoire and some inspiration for the day I become a famous photographer…

And the dinosaur.

He’s our roving dinosaur that takes up residence in various locations around the house.  Part of the fun is finding him and then whoever does find him gets to change his location.  Just one of the quirky games our family plays…

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