Photo a Day April – Younger Me

Day #9 – younger me

Just like with my make-up routine, I’m a less-is-more gal when it comes to my skin-care routine as well.

I have only 3 products that I use, regardless of season: Erin’s (of Inner Earth Soaps) Charcoal Complexion facial soap plus certified organic rosehip oil and sandalwood and palmerosa moisture cream (both by Perfect Potion).

And without sounding too conceited (I hope) they work.  Whenever I confess my age – which is 41 – people will often say that I look as if I’m in my early 30’s.

I know that it’s not only my skincare regime  – or lack of –  that makes me look young (oh look out, I’m doing that head swell thing).  I eat really cleanly – organic, home-grown, no preservatives or additives, full-fat foods and lots of fruit and veg; I don’t smoke; I wear a hat when I’m outdoors and I drink lots of water.

But I think the thing that has the biggest impact is that I’m still young at heart.

In my head I’m 20-something, with the knowledge of the 40-something-woman.

It’s obviously working for me… and yes, my head is starting to deflate now!

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