{photography} an afternoon photo walk with a friend

I met Taina late last year when Daughter house-sat for her and her husband.

over coffee and conversation, we discovered we shared a passion for photography

With one thing and another, we hadn’t managed to book a photo-walk until last Friday.  The weather was just a little cloudy – perfect for an afternoon out – so I took her to Croft Knoll and shared one of my favourite places to go when needing a little photo inspiration…
looking into the forest - photography by tasha chawner
dark and mysterious - photography by tasha chawner
windows to where - photography by tasha chawner
maybe just a little phallic - photography by tasha chawner
photography by tasha chawner
And then there was the sneak attack from Taina, as I was lost in a world of colour and texture….

Photo by Taina Hall

Photo by Taina Hall

Taking this photo…
dying thistle - photography by tasha chawner

In the comments, I’d love to hear:

Where do you go when you need a little inspiration for your craft?  
Do you have a special place that only you know about, or have you shared it with others?

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