A Photography by Tasha Chawner sitting is relaxed and all about

capturing those whimsical, magical, ever-fleeting moments and telling your story in the most authentic way

With a huge emphasis on telling your unique stories and showing your personalities, your photos will show your family doing what they love – from lazy Sunday mornings, playing in the backyard or hanging out on the property – it’s all about the raw emotions and real life.  Fun – no faked, styled shoots – just your family and the love they share.

Why invest?

Life’s moments can be fleeting, only to be relived for as long as your memory serves.  A photograph becomes the clearest memory you can have.  A tactile record of a moment in time, to hold close in times of pleasure, pride and pain.

Why Tasha?

I understand the significant value of photography to both the individual and a family and hold a true passion for delivering those precious moments to my clients.  I pride myself on my fun, natural and simple session, and on creating beautiful photographs that help you relive those moments again and again.  It is not only my pleasure but a privilege to glimpse and capture your moments of love and affection.

Listed below are the photography packages I offer.

Don’t be afraid to ask, as I am happy to create a package around your needs.

Pregnancy Announcement & Maternity –  a portrait sitting with your partner to celebrate your exciting baby news and create pictures to announce “we are having a baby” to your family and friends. It’s a must to include the father-to-be in these sittings, as it’s a bonding time for the new parents prior to baby arriving.

Newborn – a newborn sitting will be more about mum & dad with their new baby in their home, doing the normal stuff and just being with and enjoying your new baby.  Before you know it your newborn will become a toddler,  so it’s important to capture this special time and all those little fingers and toes.

Family – family sittings are designed to capture those precious, everyday moments – documenting your family as they are today.  Think relaxed and informal – true-to-life photography that tells your story just as it is, at that precise moment. These can include anyone in the family from mum and dad, brothers and sisters, grandparents, step parents/siblings and even the family pet.

Lifestyle – lifestyle sittings are relaxed and show the family doing the things they love, in the places they love – in their home or around the property. Whether it’s taking the kids to the park, a Sunday morning tangle of limbs in bed or mustering sheep through the paddocks, these sessions can include anyone in the family from mum and dad, brothers and sisters, grandparents, step parents/siblings and even the family pet.

Graduation photography –graduation photos capture a milestone in a young persons life – before they find their feet and fly into the world on their own.

Got your own idea – snow fights… kayaking on the river… walking the dog along the levees… let me know!

To make an enquiry or to book your portrait session, please contact me via the contact form or give me a call on 0437 523 027.

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