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We’re a week back from our week away in Melbourne, and I’m still in a post-holiday-funk…

you see, i’ve fallen in love melbourne

The coffee, the food, the culture, the people, the bustle – so much to see and do… your senses are engaged constantly, but it’s in a civilised, relaxed sort-of-way.

I really struggled with taking photos this trip.  The trip was a finishing-high-school-celebration for both Daughter and the family.  It’s been a big year and we all needed a breakaway, but I felt to take photos would have been to absent myself from the holiday.

But when a photo presents itself wherever you turn – a face that holds a story, the lines in the architecture, the movement of the street…

and because I’m not that confident with street photography

I was seriously afraid that someone was going to come and yell at me about taking their photo!

So these are my favourite images from our week.  The ones that I was confident in taking, and the ones that stretched my boundaries just enough to be uncomfortable…

PS. I’ve added commentary to each of the images because each of them is special for a different reason… Please feel free to add your own comments below.

boats at st kilda with melbourne background

The Melbourne skyline from St Kilda – I love the similarities between the tall masts and the skyscrapers – a world apart, and yet the same.


With each turn in the alleyways of Melbourne, you are taken into a different world. This alleyway just happened to be the home of our new favourite cafe!


Horrified or not, these little birds are everywhere in the city – even sitting above your head as you dine…

Mum, I want to be a rock climber

All my Little Man wanted to do was go rock climbing. Apparently he has the knack…

why are there homeless

Every day as we walked down Elizabeth Street, we passed this homeless camp (I don’t know how else to explain it) – a perfectly made bed on the street… regardless of their homeless status, they still had pride. And they prompted many a discussion about how people become homeless.

do drug dealers deal here

Shoes strung over ‘wires’ in the alleyways – my Little Man informs me that this is a sign that drug deals happen here… is he right?

Although I could see myself moving to Melbourne, I honestly think that this is my get-away city… for when I need a break from my little town, a dose of culture and bloody good food.

a counter balance to the quiet

Any recommendations of great cafes or places to visit in Melbourne will be duly noted and followed through upon.

until next time melbourne…

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