{photography} Savannah’s Home Birth

It was a link in my Facebook news feed from our mutual friend Jen Kealey, that led me to the home birth photos from Amy….  and the photography of Lou, from Sunny & Scout.

Photos that evoked a multitude of emotions in me.

First, it made me wish for a do-over with both my own childrens’ births.

I loved and enjoyed every aspect and experience of both their arrivals in to this world.

My Beautiful Girl was born with the aid of an epidural, which helped me to truly enjoy her delivery.  I was shit-scared – first baby and all – with not a clue of what to expect.  But with the aid of our midwife, she was delivered calmly and without any other intervention.

The Little Man was in a hurry to arrive, which left no time for the anaesthetist to get off the golf course.  Being at a very different stage in my life though, he too was delivered naturally – sans drugs – with the aid of meditation and our midwifes in attendance.

But seeing and reading about how Amy took control of her own body and delivered her little girl on her own terms…  amidst the comfort, love and familiar sounds and surroundings of their home, made me wish I could do it over again.

On the terms I would now be so comfortable with… believing in my own body.

As a photographer, I am envious of the part Lou was able to play in Savannah’s birth.  To be able to capture the memories of the moments that led to her arrival in the world – memories that though she was a part of, she will have no memory of … and the memories of the immediately after…

the looks of pain and pure joy on Amy’s face
first cuddles with dad Paul
being greeted by her siblings

It makes me wish that I had photos – the visual memories of – my own childrens’ deliveries…

And I hope one day to have the honour of photographing this moment for mother, child and family.

While I wait for that day, I encourage you to visit Amy’s blog – and follow her link to Lou’s magical photos.

And I dare you not to feel some sort of emotion visiting them….
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