{photography} Tobi Wilkinson: Buddha’s Robes

While flicking through a recent issue of Art/Edit, I came across a photograph from Tobi Wilkinson’s recent exhibition titled “Buddha’s Robes”.

I was mesmorised by the darkness of the blacks and warmth of the reds.  The simplicity of the subjects and their calm demeanours.  But then life hit fast forward again and the images were soon forgotten.

It wasn’t until I took a quite moment for myself recently – with coffee, cake and magazine in hand – that I stumble across it again.  As it did initially, the strength of the image (shown below) took my breath away, and I decided to share some of them here with you.


Tobi Wilkinson is a Sydney-based fine art photographer who works predominantly with black and white film (already in love with the lady!).

Her ‘Buddha’s Robes’ exhibition was shot mostly in her studio, and on a few trips to the monk’s monastery.  The concept behind the shoot was to capture the paradox of the robes – once an undesirable colour, but now one that stands out as a uniform.  To see more of the ‘Buddha’s Robes’ series – and read more about the concept behind the exhibit – you can visit Tobi’s website here.





All images via Tobi Wilkinson’s website – with thanks.

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