{photography} Understanding Shutter Speed

I’m always on the lookout for photography tutorials online, so I was very pleased to come across 31 Days to a Better Photo created by Darcy at Life With My 3 Boybarians.

Day 3 of her course is Shutter Speed.

Darcy explains shutter speed in Shutter Speeds: Shooting Fast VS Shooting Slow –  her faucet, water and cup analogy is perfect for helping to understand what is required.

Working through Day 3, she advises locking your camera in to the same ISO and aperture and taking several shots of the same subject, each time adjusting only your shutter speed.  You’re taking notice of

how shutter speed affects the amount of light in your photo & its effect on motion

Here are my photos of the stained glass panel in my front door.  The images were taken with my Canon 55oD using a 100mm f/2.8 Macro lens and a tripod.

100mm – f/8.63 – ISO3200

Personally I think the image taken at 1/200 second shows the best colour and detail – although the 1/250 images come a close second.  Using the detail in the window really shows how speeding the shutter up reduces the amount of light let in to the sensor.

I’d be curious to rerun this experiment with one of the kids as a model and see how shutter speed makes a difference with a living, breathing, moving photo.

Any tips or advice you’d like to share on how you use shutter speed to its best advantage?

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