{photography} Watermarking your photos

Watermarking… do you or don’t you?

It’s an issue that’s been on my mind for a couple of months now.  A matter of personal preference and a somewhat divided camp, I know, there are some who advocate watermarking your images (it’s a deterrent to scare people from stealing your shots, plus it works for your promotion), whilst others hate them (a garish watermark can ruin the photo and watermarks can be digitally removed).

I’m not going to kid myself and say that my photos are brilliant – they’re snapshots of my world, me making a memory.  But I know that on occasion people on the interwebs have used my images, and being just a little narcissistic I’d like other people to know who took them and where they came from.

Enter problem.

Previously I would edit my photos in PicMonkey and add my name as text from there. But having taken the recent plunge into Photoshop Elements, I set about trying to create my own watermark in PSE.

Fail.  Epically.

Until I stumbled across this How-To at 5ive photography (bless your cotton socks, Lindsay!).

I started to follow the walk-through until I came to the magic words “You can download the watermark template complete up to this point by clicking here”.

Changed “your name” to my name; tweaked the fonts, sizing and placement and ta-dah!!, working watermark.

Working Watermark

It’s nothing fancy – but I get to satisfy my narcissism, promote my images and hopefully not turn too many people off with anything garish.  And thanks to Lindsay, it was an easy 5 minute task.

Which leads to the question… do you watermark your images?

And what are your thoughts on the subject?

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