{in biz} Playing Catch Up.

Playing Catch Up

Throughout the week I often bookmark a number of articles and blog posts that I see online and want to read.  Come the weekend I print them out.

I don’t know about you, but I find it really difficult to read articles online.  I tend to have a highlighter in one hand, and a pencil in another, and I scribble!  Notes, ideas, keywords, thoughts that the articles spark.  And you just can’t do that on a computer screen!

A lot of times I write ‘look @’ or ‘do this ->’, and then circle whatever it is I’m referring to.  But I don’t always action it.

I have every good intention, and I have learned SO much from what I have read online.  But quite often come Monday, the school rush starts and the paper get stacked in a pile.  I think to myself ”I’ll get to that later.”

Look at the pile….

Paperwork_01It’s not that bad really, but if I were to go through and look at how many ‘look @’ and ‘do this –>’ I had scribbled, I’d have enough to keep me busy for quite a few weeks.

Hence Playing Catch Up.

I’m not going to print anything this weekend.  I’m going to action all of my scribbles.

Every. Last. One. Of. Them.

Do you sometimes get lost in the day-to-day?  The keeping up with kids and family?  Running your business?  Working the day job?

And let your ‘learning’ take second place?

Because that is what we are really doing in printing, reading and scribbling.  Learning.  Updating our knowledge and skills.  Making that ‘hat’ a little more comfortable.

So I challenge you to ‘’Play Catch Up’.  What do you need to get up to date with?  Your book-keeping?  Inventory?  Learning?  Ironing 🙂

Let me know, and I’ll help you stay on track… Only if you promise to check in on me…
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