{DIY} Tuesday – Printing Photos on Other Papers Experiment

left: rice paper; right: dictionary page

After seeing the Photojojo DIY on how to print on mulberry paper last week, I’ve been busting to give it a go!

I decided, in addition to the mulberry paper, that I’d also experiment with a dictionary page (another thing I’ve had on my to-do list for a while) and a piece of rice paper.

mulberry paper failure

The mulberry paper was a dismal failure for me.  Even though I’d followed the tutorial instructions and ‘lightly glued’ the mulberry paper to regular paper, the printer kept wanting to grab the mulberry paper and chew it up.  I was having to drag it out backwards for fear it would jam up the printer.

I like the finish of the rice paper.  It’s lightly textured and a little faded and just maybe (thinking out loud here) these prints might work on the fronts of cards.

There are some ugly black ink spots on the trial version.  Hopefully that’s just from me having to reef the mulberry paper out beforehand!?

I’m not so enamoured of the dictionary page up close.  If you look at it from a distance though it works… Will have to think on how I might use this.

If you’ve experimented with printing on other papers, how did it work for you?  And what other types of papers did you use?

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