{progress report} My Creative Ambitions for 2011

Never give up on your dreams...

This year I was supposed to take a semi-sabbatical from jewellery, return to my love of photography and read as much blog-related material as I could get my hands on…

How’s it all gone?

Honestly…  in fits and starts.

In hindsight, I think I should have taken a full-sabbatical from jewellery.  But if I had of, then I might not have gotten my jewellery in to 3 different shops this year.

The 52 Earrings in 2011 project has fallen way behind and I honestly don’t know that I’ll get all 52 pair done.  I’m not going to let it stress me.  In between family, kids and work commitments, illness and my Muse taking a seemingly permanent holiday I’ve managed to get it almost done.

I’ll keep plugging along as time, energy and Miss Muse allow, and maybe the magic 52 will appear, or maybe not.

The 365 Project has come to something of a skidding halt lately too.  The thrill of picking of the camera and finding a daily photo has definitely worn off.  I’ve missed days and they’re going to stay blank, but  I’ll see this one through to the end because I’m stubborn that way.

I’ve learned a lot about my camera with this project and I’ve discovered the types of photos I prefer to take.  I don’t ever want my photography to become a tedious.  I love the endlessly creative possibilities it allows – the making of memories, the detail in macro, the beauty in the everyday

Blog-related material-wise – there’s a never ending source of information and learning out there.  I’ve got stacks of papers left to read and I’ll get to them eventually.  I’m still finding my voice… letting the real me shine through and I still have a lot to learn….  I’ll get there.

The thing about it all is that I don’t see my inability to see these projects through as a failure.

I see it more as prioritizing.  Letting the more important parts of my life (my family, my health and my sanity) be exactly that – important.

My goals for this year have morphed…

But my dreams remain the same and I’ll continue to follow them – just at a more sustainable pace.

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