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My husband gave me a necklace.  It’s fake.  I requested fake.  Maybe I’m paranoid, but in this day and age, I don’t want something around my neck that’s worth more than my head.

~Rita Rudner

What is your opinion on fakes?

I’m not adverse to shopping in the discount stores.  Working to a budget means that some things need (and can) to be bought on the cheap.  Wrapping paper, coloured pencils, shampoo to use as hand-wash….

But when it comes to jewellery – well, that’s a different matter.

Once upon a time (in my poor, broke student days) a gorgeous necklace for 2 bucks was considered a find!

Now I pick them up and think about how poorly they are made, and how as a mass-produced product there’s no ‘unique-ness’ to the design.

But as a independent, handmade artisan valuing our work, and more importantly getting others to understand the value of handmade, is really difficult.

I’ve recently had a customer query ‘why’ a piece cost what it did.  I wasn’t offended (at all), but took the time to explain, and hopefully they will pass along that knowledge to someone they know.

An really interesting read on the subject of pricing and market pressure was highlighted recently at the Crafting an MBA blog.
Titled Etsy and the Culture of Cheap it provoked a lot of discussion and thought.  I’m hoping to source the book mentioned through our local library and have a read for myself.

So, back to fakes?

Would you wear a necklace that cost more than your head?

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