Random Musings – of a 38 year old

Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication.
–Leonardo da Vinci

Most every morning I sit down with my coffee and read the Sydney Morning Herald online. It’s my time to catch up on the events of the world.
I also mange to check emails, and this quote by Leonardo da Vinci caught my eye this morning.

I’m a fan of simplicity. It’s part of my design ethic. Inspired by simplicity, asymmetry and all things beautiful.
I’ve tried the fancy, complicated necklaces – and I still wear them, just not that often. My personal necklace wardrobe now consists more of single strands, unusual stones and pendants, pearls and earthy colours.

What does your jewellery wardrobe reflect – simplicity? Or a more ‘out-there’ style?

And it’s nice to know that one of our great artists thought that simplicity was pretty cool too!

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