Re-thinking How I Design

Because of my back injury, this year I was forced to re-think & consequently change the way I design. 

Before this year I would simply design -be spellbound by the colour, shape or texture of a bead…  see an image in a magazine,  on television…  watch someone walking in the street, or see something in a flash as I was driving by…  It would spark the creative in me, and I would design.

With little thought given to how long I had been absorbed in a piece – only keeping an eye on the clock, to be sure I was on time to pick the children up from school – I gave little regard to the current trends & colours, & designed many pieces of jewellery.

My vision for my designs was (& still is) that they would be truly one-of-a-kind.  To achieve this I would only ever source enough beads for the one piece,  and so remain true to the unique-ness of each design. 

But with my injury,  I had to rethink the number of pieces I was creating.  I am no longer able to lose myself to the creative process as I used to.  Sitting & standing for long periods aggravates my injury and makes for an unhappy Tasha, & consequently an unhappy family – something I was determined would not happen.  Don’t get me wrong.  I still have bad days, & when I do, my family knows it.  But I won’t intentionally submit them to it, so prolonged sitting & standing is now a no-go.  

So, I made a conscious decision to be more aware of the current (& forecasted) colours for the seasons.  I researched the trends – but decided that they weren’t an important factor in my design principle.  I also decided that I would start to produce a seasonal line – Spring/Summer & Autumn/Winter.  Each line would contain 10 necklaces, plus a standout Feature Design

I’m incredibly happy with the journey my choices are taking me on.  By producing a seasonal line, putting more thought into colour selection, and giving myself the challenge of a Feature Design – I feel my business is growing into a more coherant, maganeable & organised one.  I can now not only focus on the designs aspects, but allow myself to explore other creative possibilities, focus on the administrative side of the business & perhaps best of all….  leave it all at my desk, to enjoy my family.

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