Recycled Mobile Phone Jewellery

“What the?”, I hear you say!

Each time I log in to the internet I scroll through the Sydney Morning Herald.  It’s my few minutes to catch up on the news of the day.

This article caught my eye this evening.

The jeweller is taking the gold, silver & copper from unused mobile phones, & re-using the materials to make jewellery. 

Brilliant idea really.  Not only are you reducing the amount of toxic land fill & energy used to mine the raw materials, but you have a beautiful bauble at the end of the process.  And the recycled ‘bits’ from the phones have other useful applications as well.

So…. how many old phones are lurking in the back of your cupboard.  I know I definitely have 2 phones not being used in mine.  Why not find your nearest  MobileMuster drop off point, & do one more positive thing to help our environment. 

I know I’m going to.

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