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We’ve all been sick at our house this last week.

Husband had a head-cold (and a very healthy dose of ‘man-flu’).

Daughter is still being knocked around – her ‘mystery’ virus is letting other bugs take hold and she just can’t quite get well.

My Little Man has had the worst of it.  A fever that wouldn’t break, up-chucks and copious amounts of green stuff coming out of his nose.  (He’s having the afternoon off school today – currently asleep on the couch, which tells me he’s still not well because he never takes an afternoon nap.)

Me… well, I’ve got ‘something’ too.  But I’ve also had to look after everyone else.  So I’m pretty wiped out at the moment.

Which is making it really difficult for me to get back in to the swing of things?

I’m feeling over-whelmed and under-motivated… not a good combination.

We all know the importance of taking a personal day. Taking the time to recharge your batteries.

But how do you kick-start your energies when you’ve taken a enforced week?

And when your not firing on all cylinders anyway…

Do you take more time?  Cut back the pace?  Free up the schedule a bit?

What I’m really struggling with is regaining momentum.  After the enforced break from all things work, I can’t seem to just pick up where I left off.

And I’d left off at a daily blog posts, daily listings and pretty frequent tweets.

How do you go about regaining your momentum…?

Or should I just go and pull up some couch next to my Little Man…?

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