#reverb10: Beautifully Different



1. not the same as another or each other; unlike in nature, form , or quality:

2. distinct; separate:

Source: Oxford Dictionaries

How am I different?


I don’t know.


Because I don’t see my differences.  My differences are who I am.

But if I look, and look objectively this is what I see:

I am… not afraid to stand up for myself.

I am… comfortable in my skin.

I am… exploring and embracing my creativity.

I am… passionate about acceptance and tolerance and understanding.

Do these things make me different?

I threw the question out to friends and family – how am I different and what do I do that lights people up.

Some of the words I received are:

Inspiring. Passionate.

Warm. Caring.

Calming. Friendly.

Creative. Positive.

Intelligence. Grace.

And perhaps the words that mean the most – that make me feel most Beautifully Different – are from my Sweet Girl.

“You’re crazy Mum – good crazy, I love your good crazy.”

Thank you my Beautiful Girl. I only hope that my Beautiful Different inspires you to grow in to your Beautiful Difference as well.

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