{rewind} November 2011

I know I have a brain like a sieve and am prone to forgetting what I had for breakfast this morning, so I thought I’d make a semi-regular thing of revisiting posts from 12 months previous.

Here’s my top 4 from November 2011:


{diy} Tuesday – So Many Christmas Wrapping Ideas

(Because it’s almost that time of year again…!)

It’s almost December, and I’ve got all the Christmas shopping done because we’re travelling this year.

I’ll be lugging presents in hand luggage all the way to Tasmania, so this year I want simple wrapping that is going to withstand some bumps along the way.  Hence I’ll be going with wrapping that is similar to above – sturdy craft paper with a strip of scrap-booking card, stuck with a Christmas-y sticker.

This picture in turn led me to some not so simple wrapping – or 50 More Gift Wrapping Ideas from Rebecca atOlder & Wisor (a brilliant read too, just in case you’re looking for another blog to add to your reader!)

Christmas Wrap Collage 680x402 {DIY} Tuesday   So Many Christmas Wrapping IdeasXmas Wrap Collage 680x402 {DIY} Tuesday   So Many Christmas Wrapping Ideas

{Images: from respective sources as noted by Rebecca on Older & Wisor}

Do you have a preferred way to wrap your Christmas gifts?
Super simple or is it an all-out-extravagant-wrapping affair?


{Your Favourite Things} Great blog posts you’ve read recently…

(what with work and kids, I’m finding I don’t have a lot of time to spend online reading blogs any more… got any great reads you can recommend to me?)

5368305890 e68a7d90b7 {Your Favourite Things} Great blog post youve read recently.{Image: ebook and reading glasses by McEntegart Library on Flickr}

Did you know that there are over 156 million public blogs?
(Statistics from Wikipedia: current as at 16 February 2011)

I love to spend 10 minutes (most) morning reading and commenting on my favourite blogs.  There’s always something interesting to read – something that makes me stop and think; gives me a giggle or provokes a responses.  Actually there’s usually lots of posts like that.

Four of my favourite reads are Epheriell Designs (for the handmade goodness), Miscellaneous Mum (for a slice of everyday life), Shutter Sisters (for the inspirational photography and introspective topics) and Zen Habits (for the thought-provoking calm).

So what’s a great post you’ve read lately?

Leave a link to it in the comments below and share a great blog post or simply a great blog with us.


{My Favourite Things} Colouring In

(Was then, still is and forever will be one of my favourite ways to bring calm to my day.)

free mandala design to print 2 {My Favourite Things} Colouring In

{Image: Thaneeya McArdle from Art is Fun}

I’ve loved colouring in since I was a kid.

It brings me a certain sense of calm.

It’s not uncommon for the kids and I to print out colour-ins in the holidays or on wet weekends. We sit up to the table, snack on our favourite foods, colour and chat. Quite often we solve the worlds problems in an afternoon, all while blunting and sharpening our pencils.

The repetitive nature of a mandala only adds to that sense of peace and calm that colouring brings me… so I’m pretty sure that I’ll be printing these free mandala colour ins for myself (and quite possibly some for the bigger kids at school, to colour away some of their worries too).


{family} The Lifetime Smile Completed

(my Beautiful Girls smile still brings me great joy, each and every time she flashes me with it… money well spent, I say.)

Daughter and I never got around to updating The Lifetime Smile all that often.  Too much happened in between it all and the planned series of posts went by the wayside.

But now we are on the brace free side and when you compare Clarissa’s original smile:

lifetime smile 04 {family} The Lifetime Smile Completed

to what her smile looks like now:

Clarissa 453x680 {family} The Lifetime Smile Completed
…let’s just say that the girl is happy to flash you a smile any time of day or night!

We’ve got to keep an eye on one of her front teeth.  An encounter with her Father and a soccer ball has turned it grey and there’s likely to be a little bit more work needed there, but at the moment all is well.

She’s so happy that she made the decision to get braces (the holiday in Tasmania is happening as well this holidays, so it really was a win/win for all of us!) and she talks up the benefits to any of her friends that are heading down the orthodontic road.

And as her Mum – I couldn’t be happier…

Because my Beautiful Girl has a lifetime smile.

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