Sapphire and Citrine Commission

One of my favourite aspects of jewellery design, is creating a gift for special occasions.

So when Leroy B. asked me to create a jewellery set for his wife Joanne, to celebrate their 14th Wedding Anniversary, I was thrilled and excited.

Leroy is the first to admit that his understanding of women, in relation to jewellery, is a little dubious.  He freely admits that he is best at putting the money on the counter and letting his wife choose the piece she likes best.

So, with that in mind, I was put in touch with Joanne’s best friend, and together we discussed stones, designs and necklace lengths. 

Opal is the stone for 14 years of marriage.  A symbol of hope, purity and innocence, opal means “precious stone” in Sanskrit.  Joanne however, is not a fan of opal.

If you also are not a fan of opal, then agate and bloodstone are your alternatives for a 14th wedding anniversary.

Through my chats over the phone with Leroy, he had informed me that Joanne is quite sentimental.  With this in mind, I thought that a design that incorporated both of their birthstones (sapphire), and the birthstone of their son (citrine), would add the perfect sentimental element to the gift.  Leroy obviously dotes on both his wife and son, so the use of birthstones would make the gift even more personal and special, not only for Joanne, but Leroy as well.

Once the design was finalised, I set to work sourcing the stones.  The citrine rondelles were not that difficult to source.  The smooth sapphire rondelles however, proved a challenge.  I’m glad that Leroy specified smooth though, as the finish of the set was much more refined and elegant.  Strung on tiger tail specifically for gemstones, both the necklace and bracelet were finished using 14K gold clasps.  The necklace is also designed so that it can be worn as two bracelets.

For Leroy and Joanne's 14th Wedding Anniversary

For Leroy and Joanne

Happy Anniversary to you both, and I hope that you have many more years of love and happiness.

XX Tasha

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