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Heart Felt Chocolate

Back in mid-December, as I was perusing my Mint Mail, I noticed that I was one of the lucky recipients of the Heart of Chocolate giveaway from the previous newsletter.

Yummy organic chocolates = a happy dance

and then I promptly forgot about it… we were on holidays and there was lots to do and see, and chocolate wasn’t at the top of my to-do list.

Until said yummy organic chocolates arrived via post.

Lavender Fair Trade Chocolate

The children had no idea what was in the package until I unwrapped it… and then the salivating began:

“You will share, won’t you Mum?”

What makes this chocolate serendipitous?

Another article of note in Issue 16 of Peppermint Mag, which had piqued my interest and my conscience.

Did you know that: the making of chocolate is in fact a long and involved process?  That the chocolate industry is predicted to be worth $US 98.3 billion by 2016?  That the United States estimates that 1.8 million children in the Ivory Coast and Ghana are involved in cocoa-related activities, many as a result of child labour and human trafficking?  And for families facing poverty, they have little choice but to supplement their income through their children’s earnings?

Ethical Chocolate

In further discussions with Husband we’ve agreed that seeing as he won’t allow me to adopt a child in need, I am henceforth allowed to purchase only Fair Trade chocolate and do my small part (because that is a start – small parts) to help.  The kids think it’s a brilliant idea because Mum is happy and so are they… chocolate in the house!

And to add further happiness to our bounty, the address label for the chocolate was 638 Fern Gully Rd….

Fern Tree Gully Road

Hands up if you’ve watched the movie?

If you can’t imagine a life without chocolate, , you can visit World Vision at Dont Trade LivesHeart of Chocolate, Oxfam (Australia) or World Vision, and find out how you can do your small part to help (and still enjoy your chocolate!).

{did you know fact courtesy of Issue 16 of Peppermint}

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