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I was tagged by the talented Dannielle of with2ns designs to tell you 7 things about myself.

Here goes…

1. I’m sh*t-scared of balloons.

Not a good thing to be when you have kids.  I could never accommodate the request of “Mum, blow this up for me?”.

“Sorry kiddo, no can do.”

Why?  Because the bloody things go bang, that’s why.  And if it goes bang near my face, I’m likely to have a coronary.

2. I’m also deathly afraid of frogs.

If there is a frog in the doorway of the house, I can’t get out (or in, depending on which side of the door I’m on).  I can’t even touch the frog through a closed glass window.

Why?  You’ll laugh at this one.

A frog jumped on my face one night, while I was fast-fast-asleep.  Which I wasn’t after it happened.  Husband said that he thought I was being murdered in our bed.

Luckily there are not that many frogs near where we live.  Although this ugly brown monstrosity came out with the rain the other day and I managed to take a photo (while my heart raced a million miles a minute).

And I know that frogs mean a healthy environment, and some of them are endangered and all… just not in my yard, okay.

3. I believe in ghosts.

I had my first spectral experience when I was around 12.  And have had many more since then.

I’m not saying that I talk to them on a daily basis, but if there is a ghost present, I can feel them.

And it’s okay if you want to stop reading now.  Lots of other people think I’m crazy as well.

4. I’m a lactoovovegequarian.

Yes, it is a real word… I’ll wait while you Google it…

It means I will eat milk and milk-based products, egg and chicken, vegetables and seafood.

Why no red meat?  I literally can’t stomach it.  It makes a re-appearance after about half an hour.  Don’t enjoy that, so I don’t eat it.

How long have I been a lactoovovegequarian?

Going on 13 years now.

Do I miss red meat?

Not at all.

5.  I volunteer teach Australian Sign Language (AUSLAN) at my kids school.

Learning sign language is something that I’ve wanted to do since I learned the sign alphabet in Grade 4.

When we moved to Lismore we met Simon and Mel (both an inspiration to me) and Shara (Daughters bestie) and we all started to learn sign.

I started teaching it to my Little Man’s year group when he was in Kinder, and am now on to my third Kinder group (plus the Year 1 and 2 groups).

Why do I do it?

To give hearing kids the confidence to talk to a Deaf person, because a Deaf person is no different to you or me – they just use their hands to speak, that’s all.

6.  Which leads me to…

I would really like that schools taught ‘Religions’ as a subject, and did not subject kids to the weekly Scripture classes that they do now.

We have regular chats in our house about religions – Sikhism, Buddhism, Muslim, Christian, Wiccan, Druids, Zen… to name a few.  Their difference, similarities, influences, traditions, celebrations.

My thoughts are that if we raised our future generations to be more tolerant and understanding of one another’s differences (be they religious or language – see where I’m going here?), then we’d have a better world to live in.

Understanding and tolerance… not too much to ask for, I think.

7.  I’m looking forward to turning 40.

I don’t place much (okay, any) importance in the number itself, but I’m finally comfortable in my skin.  And turning forty… well, it’s just something I’m looking forward to.

Thank you Dannielle – this task really was a bit more difficult than I thought it would be.

Now, who will I tag?

The divine Leilani of Creatvity Inspired – I am so looking forward to your responses!!

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4 Responses to Seven Things

  1. Leilani Cleveland Deveau October 21, 2010 at 4:29 AM #

    Tasha – I so enjoyed reading this!! I wonder how different AUSLAN is to our version…I just recently learned to sign the alphabet in Canadian sign language as part of teaching Sophie the alphabet…it wasn’t as difficult as I thought & would love to learn more (hmmmm…I think I should add that to my seven things!!). Sorry I have not forgot about this…just need to get a moment to sit and write…anyway enjoyed yours (and I believe in ghosts, too!). 😉

  2. Tasha Chawner October 21, 2010 at 6:50 AM #

    I’d be curious too Leilani.
    I think Canadian sign uses a mix of French and American sign – but it looks like the alphabet is the one-handed American sign.
    I’ve just been teaching the American sign alphabet to the kids at school this last week. It’s very different to Australian, which is 2 handed.

    And no worries about your Seven Things – we all get busy!
    T xo


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