Jewellery Care


Here are a few simple rules that will help keep your jewellery beautiful for years to come.


  • To clean jewellery use a little water, or a very mild soap solution, with a soft brush or cloth.  Or buy a jewellers cloth from a reputable store.

Remember harsh chemicals & acids may damage gemstones.

  • Carefully storing your jewellery when not wearing it can lengthen its life & beauty.

Avoid tangling & stretching of beaded creations by storing them flat (although this is recommended, I prefer to store my necklaces on an old tea light candle holder – this way I keep them neat, & can see them all at a glance).

Try not to drop your jewellery or handle it roughly, to avoid the risk of settings or clasps becoming damaged.

And you can stave off tarnish by wrapping pieces in a soft cloth & storing them in sealable sandwich bags (particularly good for silver).

  • Avoid wearing jewellery while you are swimming, showering or doing household cleaning.  Household chemicals &  detergents can be harmful to the stones in your jewellery.
  • Beyond normal wear, don’t expose jewellery to excessive heat or light.
  • Some jewellery, like pearls, deserve special attention.

Because pearls are organic, they can be affected by heat, perspiration, perfumes & creams – diminishing their lifespan.

Before storing pearls, they should be cleaned.  DO NOT use a detergent.

When you are not wearing them, pearls are best kept in acid-free tissue paper, soft pouches or cloth, away from direct contact with other hard objects that could scratch them.

  • Avoid wearing or applying beauty products directly before (or whilst) wearing your jewellery.  Chemicals found in sprays, creams, lotions & make-up can damage jewellery components over time.

If you really need to apply them, do this prior to putting your pieces on.

  • Avoid leaving jewellery in the bathroom.  The varying temperatures & humidity can affect your jewellery.

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