My Journey in to Jewellery

Rather than battle insomnia, I decided to make jewellery instead.

Tasha Chawner, creative brains and hands of Made by Tasha Chawner

working on a pair of 'You Must Have Chaos' earrings

working on a pair of ‘You Must Have Chaos’ earrings

My journey into jewellery began in the summer of 2003.

Husband was away working during the summer study break, and insomnia was being my friend. Add to the mix being particularly financially challenged (Husband studying full-time and a new baby in the house) and I was despairing about what I could get my Sister for Christmas.
A $2 bag of beads from a discount store, one necklace and bracelet later, and ta-dah – I’d discovered a new passion in making jewellery.

With each sale, I would buy some more beads, and although it was a slow process, I started to grow my little business (then called For You Jewellery Designs).

April 2010 saw my interest in copper take my jewellery designs to a whole new level.

Daughter got really sick – and I mean really sick – and at one point we were investigating the possibility of Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis, which scared the pants off of us all.

In consultation with our Naturopath, we discovered that both Daughter and I were copper deficient, so I set about making us cuffs to wear (or in Daughters case, cuffs for both ankles and wrists to help her deal with her joint pain).

Her illness turned out to be an undiagnosable one similar to Glandular Fever, and even now she still has need of her copper cuffs from time to time, but otherwise she’s doing a lot better.

My humble work area

My humble work area

Each design you find in the online shop is handcrafted by me in my home studio on the Northern Tablelands of New South Wales, Australia. While I no longer personally test each design there are still times when I wear the prototypes to try them out and iron out any bugs they may have… plus I like it when friends notice I’m wearing a new design and comment on it!)

Dare to be different.

My desire is to create jewellery that will make you feel good about yourself and add a little joy to your day. It’s jewellery that’s a little outside of the box… not really something you’re going to find in any department store.

While I design pieces that really appeal to me, it’s the sculptural aspect and the curves that can be achieved with metal that most dominate my designs – creating a little something that’s going to make you stand out from the crowd.

When I’m not creating jewellery you’ll find me:

being Mum to my 2 kids; behind the camera taking photos; helping out the kids that need that little extra assistance in the classroom; reading a good book (or three); watching my current favourite television series; spending time with my Little Man; texting my Beautiful Girl to see what’s happening in her world or catching up with friends over a far too infrequent afternoon coffee.

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