Six Impossible Things

Six Impossible Things: Needlings on Flickr

I generally don’t believe in the impossible.

Impossible is just an excuse for not trying hard enough in my book.

But there 3 thingsI don’t have a queenly 6 – that I know will be impossible for me.

They are:

  1. Rafting the Zambezi River: experiencing some serious high water, white water on that river is one of the things on my bucket list;
  2. Tramping the Milford Track: it’s something that Husband and I decided we’d like to do during our first visit to New Zealand;
  3. Snowboarding: we always said that when the Little Man turned 10, we’d hit the slopes and all learn how to snowboard together.

All three of these activities won’t be done for only one reason…

I’m scared senseless that I’ll hurt my back doing them.

Bumping up and down the white water; humping gear the 54 kilometres of the track; and falling on my arse when I (inevitably) fall down whilst snowboarding.

Hurting my back is the one, very real, very terrifying aspect of my life that will prevent me from fulfilling these dreams.  The memory of the excruciating pain – and the pain I live with daily – are all still remembered and too real.

Have I come to terms with these impossibilities?

No.  Not really.  In fact, not at all.
I’m not going to stop doing my exercises to strengthen my back.
I’m not going to stop talking about it, looking at the websites and planning these trips.
And I’m definitely not going to stop the family doing any of these things simply because I can’t.

Will I one day find a way to do them?

If I have my stubborn way I will.  Don’t know how just yet (because then they wouldn’t be impossibilities, would they!), but I’m thinking on it.

But I do promise to post the photos when I do get to do them!

Do you have impossible things in your life?

Things that you just don’t know how you are going to achieve them?

And will you let that stop you from trying?


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