Be Still


it seems like life has been stuck in fast forward lately

The momentum has been tremendous and the world outside a blur.  And it’s only going to get busier and blurrier at the year progresses toward Christmas.

Not all of it has been bad.

My Beautiful Girl has grown in confidence with her trip to Sydney.  My Little Man has grown literally.  I’ve taken on a new volunteer role with Walcha Handmade and am thoroughly enjoying the company of like-minded creative souls.

Husband is the only one who’s not done so well… too many trips away for work, too many stressful hours and he’s needing time off to mend.

Daily I remind myself though…

take a breath

let it out

take another one

let it out too

rinse and repeat

rinse and repeat

Because before we know it 2015 will be here.  My Beautiful Girl will be getting ready to spread her wings and fly.  My Little Man will still be growing.  Husband will still be busy and I’ll still be enjoying the company of my newly discovered like-minded creatives.

and i’ll be taking the time to be still

To see the details, to remember the moments and to appreciate the beauty that surrounds me.  Because fast forward isn’t as fantastic as it is made out to be.

Photo credit: Indigo Skies Photography / Foter / CC BY-NC-ND

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