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leaving home: part 2

It seems like only yesterday that we were farewelling the Beautiful Girl on her first big adventure.

Since then she’s governessed, traipsed through Europe, lain on beaches in Fiji and slung beer and coffees to earn a living.

We all knew that it was really only a matter of time before she spread her wings and set out on her next adventure, but it hasn’t made it any easier.  There’s has been plenty of texts and phone calls each night.  We’re both adjusting to the new reality, and I find comfort in the fact that she’s only a three-and-a-half-hour drive away.  In a town with cafes and beaches, the perfect excuse to spend weekends with her, and make the most of when she comes home.

and so, the next big adventure begins…

the last night at home before leaving on her next adventure

a final sing along as the washing up gets done

moving boxes when leaving home

her whole life packed into boxes

loading the removal truck

loading up the truck

standing in an empty bedroom

one last look – with her friend Totoro in her arms – as she prepares to leave home for her next adventure

and yes, I have had to stop myself from getting in the car and driving to be with her….

In the comments, I’d love to hear:

Do you remember when you left home for the first time, properly?

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taking stock #008

autumn leaves mean a cool change is coming

the weather is turning and the nights are getting cooler

I find that as the weather changes, I tend to look inwards, and outwards, and evaluate just how things are going in my world.

Priorities are re-assessed.
Energies channelled elsewhere.
Happy moments remembered.
And moments of sadness acknowledged.

and gratitude is given that all is right in my world

Making: jewellery again – after quite a hiatus, my Muse has returned
Cooking: quesadilla’s for lunch – smoked salmon and cream cheese.  Yum!
Drinking: plenty of water
Reading: the third novel of Miss Peregrine’s Peculiar Children – Library of Souls – by Ransom Riggs.  Highly recommended.
Wanting: more time to everything I want to do
Looking: at the leaves changing colour
Playing: with the dog
Deciding: how to spend money – a holiday or teeth.  Can you guess which one won out!?
Wishing: I could afford to both of the above
Enjoying: Sunday afternoon phone calls with my Beautiful Girl as she continues her adventure in the Territory
Waiting: for school holidays to end
Liking: not having to rush in the mornings – it is school holidays after all
Wondering: when we will see our Girl next
Loving: that my Muse has made a reappearance
Considering: purchasing a 24-70 lens.  I’ve borrowed a friends’ and despite the weight of it realise that it’s a wonderfully versatile lens
Watching: re-runs of Merlin for the third time!  My Boy and I love that show.
Hoping: I get to go to the Northern Territory in September
Marvelling: at how determined my Beautiful Girl has been in the face of some less-than-ideal circumstances
Needing: the beach.  Every now and again, living on the top of the mountain gets too much and I need sand and ocean
Smelling: dust.  It’s so dry here at the moment, and windy and all I can smell is dust
Wearing: my ugg boots most mornings now – it’s getting cool
Following: …
Noticing: the stunning contrast of yellow leaves against the blue sky
Knowing: that my Beautiful Girl will always only be a phone call or message away
Thinking: about all things business (still…) (and still….)
Feeling: a little bit lost
Admiring: other people’s beautiful photography
Sorting: out a blog post editorial calendar – and hopefully sticking to it…
Buying: evening primrose oil to make my moisturiser
Getting: organised
Bookmarking: or pinning lots of business-related articles
Disliking: people who don’t listen
Opening: the yoghurt covered sultanas
Giggling: …
Snacking: on protein drinks
Coveting: a couple of nights by the beach
Wishing: for a full nights sleep
Helping: …
Hearing: the sound of the little finches who’ve taken up residence in the garden

In the comments, I’d love to hear:

Do you keep a gratitude journal?
Have you ever considered it?

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leaving home

I don’t think you ever really believe this day will come…

my Beautiful Girl has left home  – gone to the Territory for her first big adventure

Even though we knew the time would come when she would fly the nest, and even as the day drew closer, it still didn’t seem real somehow.

As we were putting her on the plane – her so calm and relaxed, me willing myself to let her go – it still didn’t seem real.

Hearing the emotion in her voice as she told me she’d cried herself to sleep the first night… it was all I could do from booking a plane ticket out to Alice Springs straight away.

I keep telling myself that I am not the first mother to have watched their child leave home, nor will I be the last.

but man, it freakin’ difficult

the kids having one last mad-chat on Sissy's bed

one last mad-chat on Sissy’s bed

saying goodbye to the dog

saying goodbye to the dog

walking the terminal to board a plane to Alice Springs

no looking back now

boarding the plane to Alice Springs

it’s really time…

waiting to depart

waiting to depart – so near and yet so far….

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taking stock #007


there is so much happening in our house at the moment

Some of it regular run-of-the-mill, annual-event happenings, but other of it is big stuff… future stuff… scary stuff…

Reminding myself, that no matter what the scary-future-stuff brings, a good laugh and a good sleep will help.

bring it on

Making: time for yoga every morning (still!)
Cooking: up a storm for an 18th birthday party…
Drinking: nettle tea with honey – to help with my arthritis symptoms
Reading: Status Anxiety by Alain de Botton
Wanting: to be less tired and in less pain
Looking: for the answers
Playing: my brain training games every morning
Deciding: on what to cook for dinner every night of the week
Wishing: for more opportunities to pick up my camera and play… just because I can
Enjoying: time with my Beautiful Girl
Waiting: for school to go back
Liking: not having to rush in the mornings
Wondering: what the future holds for my Girl
Loving: afternoon naps
Pondering: how much is too much?
Considering: …
Watching: re-runs of Friends with the family – some nights we laugh so much it hurts!
Hoping: I get to go to Europe too…
Marvelling: at the resilience of kids
Needing: a foot massage
Smelling: the pie Husband warmed up for his lunch
Wearing: my pyjamas until midday some days
Following: what is happening with the girlies and the decisions they are having to make as young adults
Noticing: the little things
Knowing: that my Beautiful Girl will always only be a phone call away
Thinking: about all things business (still…)
Feeling: in control at the moment
Admiring: my Little Man’s determination to better his 50 metre freestyle time
Sorting: out the store-room… I’ve only just gotten to it…
Buying: fairy lights for a party
Getting: organised
Bookmarking: or rather dog-earing and underlining pages and passages in Big Magic
Disliking: people being bossy
Opening: a can of worms
Giggling: at the thought of red dust and early mornings, and wondering how she will cope
Snacking: on dried mango chips
Coveting: a holiday
Wishing: for cooler nights
Helping: out at Walcha Handmade
Hearing: the sound of flies buzzing against my screen door

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taking stock #006


i can’t believe I missed taking stock last month

Okay, I can believe I missed it because my mind has been anywhere else but on my blog.

It’s been a big couple of months, so I made choices about where I would spend my energy.  The blog was sidelined there for a little bit, but I’m happy to say that things are getting back to normal – whatever your definition of normal may be…

Making: time for yoga every morning
Cooking: only when necessary
Drinking: ginger tea with honey – the perfect afternoon pick-me-up
Reading: Chasing Odysseus by Sulari Gentill
Wanting: to be less tired
Looking: forward to Melbourne
Playing: quiet meditation music when I need to calm my mind
Deciding: what photography packages I will offer in my business
Wishing: I could get more done in the time I have – it seems that my to-do list keeps getting longer
Enjoying: the beautiful weather we’ve had lately
Waiting: (impatiently) for our trip to Melbourne
Liking: the sound of birdsong in the morning
Wondering: where we will be for Christmas this year
Loving: an extra day at home
Pondering: …
Considering: having a nap this afternoon
Watching:  The Witches of East End – a great no-real-need-to-think-about-it show
Hoping: my Beautiful Girl does well with the HSC
Marvelling: at how calm my mind is after a yoga session
Needing: a coffee
Smelling: Spring
Wearing: my new glasses – I can see!
Following: lots of new blogs at the moment
Noticing: a shift in people’s thinking – slow is better than busy
Knowing: that before too soon it will be 2016
Thinking: about all things business related
Feeling: tired with the start of daylight savings
Admiring: the wisteria flowers on my back deck
Sorting: out the store-room
Buying: a standing desk – it should arrive this week!
Getting: excited for our Melbourne trip (are you seeing the theme yet!!)
Bookmarking: …
Disliking: the pain my Little Man’s knees are giving him
Opening: letters
Giggling: at my Little Man’s puns – please stop!
Snacking: on ginger and carrots
Coveting: a new lens for the camera… still
Wishing: for all the best for all of the Year 12’s – I will miss those kids
Helping: out at Walcha Handmade when needed
Hearing: birdsong in the backyard

until next time…

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