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leaving home: part 2

It seems like only yesterday that we were farewelling the Beautiful Girl on her first big adventure.

Since then she’s governessed, traipsed through Europe, lain on beaches in Fiji and slung beer and coffees to earn a living.

We all knew that it was really only a matter of time before she spread her wings and set out on her next adventure, but it hasn’t made it any easier.  There’s has been plenty of texts and phone calls each night.  We’re both adjusting to the new reality, and I find comfort in the fact that she’s only a three-and-a-half-hour drive away.  In a town with cafes and beaches, the perfect excuse to spend weekends with her, and make the most of when she comes home.

and so, the next big adventure begins…

the last night at home before leaving on her next adventure

a final sing along as the washing up gets done

moving boxes when leaving home

her whole life packed into boxes

loading the removal truck

loading up the truck

standing in an empty bedroom

one last look – with her friend Totoro in her arms – as she prepares to leave home for her next adventure

and yes, I have had to stop myself from getting in the car and driving to be with her….

In the comments, I’d love to hear:

Do you remember when you left home for the first time, properly?

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{be inspired} The r.e.a.l Store

we’ve been watching ‘The Block’

Love that show.  We all hit the couch and comment, critique and condemn the rooms, but it inspires in me an urge to get styling my own place… not good.

So instead of spending a gazillion dollars re-doing the entire house, I’ve decided to do it virtually instead…


I already have a strong Asian/Indian vibe going with my furniture, so these pieces are going to fit right in to the decor already!

1. vintage wooden chairs
2. vintage display stairs on wheels
3. wrought iron peacock outside chair


Keeping a minimalist theme with serving ware and housewares means you can funk it up with splashes of colour whenever the mood take you…

4. rectangle platter
5. porcelain votives white/silver
6. matt white large v bowl

All of this gorgeousness (and so much more) I found at The r.e.a.l Store.

From their About page:

The r.e.a.l store is a showcase for social, ethical and sustainable design and living. Our vision is to create a global brand that demonstrates the ability to merge profit, philanthropy, design and sustainability into a business model that focuses on ‘paying it forward’. We source our products based our concept of ‘ordinary and extraordinary:’ ordinary products with extraordinary messages, ordinary people with extraordinary talent, brands that are inspired and people who are passionate.

All the brands and products whether they be clothing, accessories, homeware, furniture, jewellery, candles, stationery or artwork are carefully selected to communicate a message for humanity. Each respective message can be found in the provenance, concept, design, writing or graphics in, on or around every item or brand for the store.

At The r.e.a.l store, we seek to inspire human potential. Everyone has the potential to be extraordinary, and we hope to facilitate that. We provide r.e.a.l friends with the opportunity to participate in relevant and important causes that support humanitarian issues across the globe.

ordinary + extraordinary… indeed
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Monday Motivation

Home is Wherever I'm with You print from Between Everything on Etsy

Home is Wherever I’m with You print from Between Everything on Etsy

I’ve always said this to the Husband… it doesn’t matter where we go or whether we live in a tent – as long as we are all together, that’s all that matters.

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The Day Off & an Issue of Semantics

Home Day Treat

I refuse to call the day I don’t go in to work my day off.

To me the phrase day off implies that I get to lay around the house all day and do nothing.  Doesn’t happen, and is why I call non-going-to-work days my home day instead (yeah, yeah, I know… semantics.  Po-tato, pot-ato, but I’m sticking to it!)

A typical home day – which is a Monday this year – looks a little something like this:

Up and breakfast.  Wave goodbye to the Husband.

A no-rush, relaxed coffee as I read the Sydney Morning Herald online, check my emails and peruse a few of my favourite blogs.

Time to get moving.  Wash up from breakfast.  Get changed.  Take the dog out.  Give the kids a hurry up and get them off to school.

Home again.  Put on a load of washing and sweep the floor.  Let the dog back in.

Clean the bathroom.

Decide on the dinner menu for the week (helps take the indecision out of what to have for dinner after a trying day at work!)

Put the dog out again and it’s time to wander down the street and get whatever groceries I might need for dinner tonight.  Treat myself to a fresh juice and slice of something delicious from Cafe Graze on the walk home.

Hang washing.  Let the dog back in again.

Spend an hour creating: be it in metal, with the camera or in Photoshop.

Stop for lunch.  Let the dog out.  Again.

Put on another load of washing if there is one, then schedule up a blog post or 3 (my goal this year is to have 4 weeks in advance pretty well ready to go – I’m aiming to be organised on this front.)

Read my book for a little bit, up to hang that last load of washing and let the dog in.  Drag out the ironing board and finish whatever ironing didn’t get done over the weekend.

It’s nearly time to pick up the kids.  Put the dog out and head off to school.

Home again, home again.  Let the dog in because it’s excited to see its kids.  Feed said starving kids and help with homework.  Clean up from afternoon tea and get changed for the gym.

An hour at the gym with Daughter, then home to catch up with the Husband.

Dinner preparation.  Dinner.  Clean up.  Take the dog out for one last walk.  Shower.  Watch a bit of television with the Little Man.

Climb in to bed with the Little Man to have our evening debrief of the day.  Kisses.

Confiscate whatever book Daughter is reading and tell her it’s time for lights out.  Wait 10 minutes and then tell her to hurry up!

See if the dog wants to go out for one honest-to-goodness last walk.

Get comfy in bed with my book.  Read until tired.  Lights out.


It’s a typical Mum day really, with a hint of “taking some time for me” thrown in there for good measure.

Because like any working mum, I’ve had to condense a weeks worth of stuff in to that one day at home.  Hence home day.  Maximum doing, minimum resting.

Semantics.  Sticking to it.
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