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useful online editing tools – canva photo editor

I’ve been using Canva since it’s invitation-only beta launch in 2013, and love the simplicity of its ready-to-use templates, which makes for drag-and-drop design software that is easy to use (and free!).  What I didn’t know though was that Canva also has a photo editor as part of its suite…

canva - simple and easy to use for the non-designer designer

Way back in 2011, I was just starting to tinker with my photos.  I didn’t have dedicated photo editing software and was using whatever was easy and free online.  Since then I’ve progressed from Photoshop Elements to Lightroom, and don’t have the need to use online photo editing apps any longer, but am always mindful that there are others out there, who like 2011 me, are just starting out with their photography journey.

Then one of the folks from Canva reached out and asked me to do a review of Canva’s Photo Editor, which brouth their photo editor, colour palette generator and font combinations tools to my attention as well.

So, I had a play around with Photo Editor and here’s what I thought:

There’s an array of filters to suit any style.  My personal favourites are Street (because I love dark and moody black and white images) and Cali for its matte effect.  I like too that you get a thumbnail preview of each filter so you get a bit of an idea as to what your photo will look like before you click.

where can i find the filters in canva photo editor

The next tab along allows you to adjust your brightness, contrast, and saturation.  There’s plenty of scope to play here and tweak the image.  As I’m now used to Lightroom, the sliders aren’t fine-tuned enough for my liking, but if you are just starting out with photography it’s a great way to learn about what brightness, contrast, and saturation can do to your photo.

where do i find the adjustment sliders in canva photo editor

Then comes the crop tab.  You have the option to set a custom size for your image, using the width (W) and height (H) boxes, which is handy if you know you want to resize an image to a specific size and purpose, e.g. a blog header.  The 1:1 ratio is your square option and just right for resizing for Instagram.  From there though, the aspect ratios (the relationship between the width and the height of an image) aren’t sizes that are commonly used in photography.  It doesn’t hurt to play with them though!  And they have the ever handy rule-of-thirds overlay on the photo, so you can crop to divide your frame into thirds with the main focus of your image on one of the horizontal or vertical lines or at one of the points where they intersect.

where do i find the cropping tool on canva photo editorThe resize tab is next.  If you leave the ‘lock aspect ration’ toggle box ticked, when you drag the little white circles in the corner of your image, it will keep your aspect ratio and not distort the image.  It’s when you untick it that things can get a little funky.  It’s actually one of my pet peeves… photos that have had their aspect ratios messed with… they just don’t look right!

how do i resize image in canva photo editor

The rotate function is pretty simple – clockwise or counter-clockwise.  Not something I have a use for every day, but handy to have just in case…

how do i rotate images in canva photo editor

And then finally is this flip tab.  Believe it or not, sometimes an image looks 100% better if you flip it!

how do i flip an image in canva photo editor

And there you have it – Canva Photo Editor.

It’s a simple site and while it may not be of use to the more advanced photographer (unless you’re on the road and your editing software is really playing up!), it is perfect for the photographer who is starting out and learning about post-processing.  It’s easy to use and best of all is free.

So, would I recommend Canva Photo Editor?

Yes, I certainly would.

This is not a paid promotion of Canva Photo Editor.  The team reached out and asked me to review it.  I agreed because I’m all for sharing useful tools with fellow photographers.

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{glimpses} A Photography Weekend

sitting-on-a-hillOver the weekend, Daughter and I had a weekend away at a photography workshop.


It was held just up the way from our little town at the Go Create! in New England studio in Kentucky.

Our lecturer, Michael, was wonderfully patient with our group – patiently explaining ISO, aperture and shutter speed – as we visited various parts of the farm at various times of day, to practice what we had learned in the previous session.


yellow-leafApart from the fact that I got to spend a creative weekend with my Beautiful Girl, Michael – as a landscape photographer – really pushed me outside my comfort zone with photography.

He challenged me to shoot at 400 ISO (instead of the 200 ISO that I’ve become accustomed to) and to use an f/stop other than my preferred 5.6.  Working in AV and TV mode was tough, as I’ve become accustomed to working in full Manual mode, but it was nice to let the camera do some of the thinking for me.

The biggest a-ha moment for me over the weekend was learning that I can push my camera even further in low light conditions (the pine forest photo above was taken a 5:32 p.m. – twilight).  Prior to this weekend, I thought that once the sun went down, unless you had a decent flash, photographing in the dark was next to impossible. Apparently not!


If you’re in the New South Wales New England area, be sure and check out what workshops are coming up at Go Create!  The Taylor family are welcoming and easy-going, which only adds to the weekend fun.

There’s another photography workshop coming up in late June, so if you’re looking to start out in digital photography (or learn more about your camera and it’s – and your! – capabilities) then I recommend Michael’s workshop.  Don’t be afraid to ask a million questions, because he’s more than happy to answer them – and challenge you along the way.

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Weekend Link Love – Ed.2

My first Scribbler

Been a busy week at our house.

Term 3 is back in full swing and I’ve picked up a bunch up extra kids to work with in my job as a Support Learning Officer at our local high school – which has meant not much time spent online this week.

Consequently this weekends link love is a little light on…

light on but fun and inspirational none-the-less.

Draw = Scribbler Too – where anyone can be a modern artist.

Characters = One in 8 Million – ordinary people telling extraordinary stories.

Creative = 33 Ways to Stay Creative – loving nos. 25 & 29…

Parenting = A Parents Promise – so totally me…

And finally…

Inspirational = I cried as I listened to Caroline Casey’s TED talk – Looking past limits.  In it she encourages us to challenge perceptions and asks us all to move beyond the limits we may think we have…  watch with a tissue at hand.

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365 Project – Day 56

Day 56 - A Lesson in Perspective

The Day 56 photo (a day late as well) doesn’t look like much, I know.

I was actually doing the perspective creative exercise from the e-book 10 – available at Craft & Vision.

I chose a stand of four trees that are out the front of our house.  We love these trees… often sit under them when the weather is warm…

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10 tips to stress less

3. Sign up for that course, join a club.

Sign Up for a club

I’m throwing this one out to you all today…

If you could only do 3 more courses (or join 3 more clubs) over the rest of your life, what would they be?


1.  Learn to play the cello – it is such a super-sexy instrument!

2.  Learn French – for when I go and live in French Quebec.

3.  Do a silver- and gold-smithing course with… a leader in the industry – don’t know who though…


Tip 2Take time for yourself.

Tip 4 will be released on Monday.

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