Taking Stock #001

morning sunlight of the surface of a table

sunlight on the table while I wait for coffee

I came across my first Taking Stock post only yesterday over here at Libby’s blog – and the trail of breadcrumbs led me back to the original at Meet Me at Mikes.

i like the idea of taking stock

To stop and think about what is important in your world right now.
What you’re going to give your energy to.
What is bringing you joy.

I’ve marked it in my calendar as a semi-regular event.  I’ll be taking stock every 3 months or so.

Thank you Pip for the inspiration xo

Making: Mr Warden’s slice for lunches
Cooking: sausage and cous cous salad for dinner
Drinking: a cup of ginger tea with honey every afternoon
Reading: The Happiness Project and City of Heavenly Fire
Wanting: a new camera, but not wanting to spend the money
Looking: at mirrorless cameras and wondering if they’re the way to go
Playing: Fruit Pop – it’s sad, I know
Deciding: on somewhere to stay in Sydney
Wishing: for the end of term
Enjoying: the sunshine without the wind
Waiting: for Season 5 of The Walking Dead
Liking: the quiet
Wondering: how Daughter will go at Art School
Loving: conversations with my kids
Pondering: the direction my jewellery business should take
Considering: giving jewellery up altogether to focus on photography
Watching: television with my Little Man every night before his bedtime
Hoping: the weather will be kind for soccer on Saturday
Marvelling: at the gloriously kind weather we’ve had up to now
Needing: quiet
Smelling: eucalyptus, tea-tree and cinnamon burning in the oil burner
Wearing: a woolen jumper that is 16 years old
Following: the trail of breadcrumbs that life is leaving for me
Noticing: the way light plays on surfaces
Knowing: that times passes too quickly
Thinking: that I really don’t want to go to work tomorrow
Feeling: tired a lot lately
Admiring: the beautiful images people create
Sorting: washing – there’s always washing
Buying: lemon and geranium essential oils
Getting: excited that the blog make-over will be live soon
Bookmarking: ways to display your photography on your walls
Disliking: parents who don’t keep their sick kids home from school
Opening: my mind to the possibilities
Giggling: at my Little Man’s terrible puns
Snacking: on dried dates
Coveting: a new camera (have I mentioned that already!)
Wishing: for everything to go well for my Beautiful Girl while she is at Art School
Helping: the kids with homework
Hearing: the tapping of my keyboard as I write this list

If you decide to take stock, leave me a link so I can read your list.

T xo

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