Taking Stock #003


It’s been a busy-busy-busy couple of months, and the third Taking Stock couldn’t have come at a better time.

It’s time to slow down, re-assess and recharge for the year to come…

Making: time to slow down finally
Cooking: dinner for the first time in what seems like forever
Drinking: ginger tea
Reading: Susan Sontag on Photography
Wanting: to sleep in
Looking: forward to kissing my nephew
Playing: with my new 7d Mark ii
Deciding: on nothing significant at the moment (again!!)
Wishing: the world would be nicer to one another
Enjoying: hanging the washing in the sunshine
Waiting: to hug my brothers and my sister
Liking: no plans for the holidays
Wondering: how hot it will be in North Queensland
Loving: the rain on late
Pondering: what I will prioritize for 2015
Considering: what else I need to pack
Watching: nothing – I’ve been too tired for television
Hoping: that we can all get on
Marvelling: at the details
Needing: more sleep
Smelling: nothing due to a blocked-up nose
Wearing: maxi skirts & t-shirts
Following: a little one around a paddock (at least I will be shortly!!)
Noticing: the green grass and full dams after the rain
Knowing: that holidays will end all too soon
Thinking: about tomorrow – the last busy day before holidays officially begin
Feeling: like I need a lie down
Admiring: the work of photographers who aren’t afraid to push their boundaries
Sorting: what to pack
Getting: excited about kissing my nephew (I think I’ve mentioned that already!!)
Bookmarking: nothing – been too busy for anything in the online world
Disliking: how the media embellishes their stories
Opening: a beer with my baby brother
Giggling: at the shenanigans of my kids
Snacking: no appetite of late, so I’m not snacking at all
Wishing: it was Monday afternoon already – then I’d be kissing my nephew
Helping: by listening to other
Hearing: the sound of birds whistling outside the window (some things never grow old)

photo credit: Curtis Gregory Perry via photopin cc

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