Taking Stock #004


2015 started off strong, filled with family that I love and a resolution to take things a little slower

Life, in her gloriously magical and mystical ways, has forced me to do so – even though I fight her tooth and nail, because I’m so damn stubborn…

So Taking Stock #004 finds me waiting on results from blood tests, with fingers crossed that the doctors are wrong and that Life will cut me a break, because I really am a good girl.

Making: time to rest
Cooking: easy meals from The Tired & Hungry Cook’s Companion
Drinking: 2 litres of water a day + lots of ginger tea
Reading: the last book in the Maze Runner series – The Death Cure
Wanting: whatever is making my joints ache to not be arthritis
Looking: forward
Playing: around with paper
Deciding: on whether to update the online shop with new stock
Wishing: the weather stays warm just a little longer
Enjoying: the company of friends
Waiting: for holidays and sleep-ins
Liking: my Monday’s and Friday’s at home – time to catch up on all things domestic
Wondering: if Daughter will be getting her wisdom teeth out these holidays
Loving: the cooler nights and warmer days
Pondering: life
Considering: ….
WatchingWalking Dead, Orphan Black, Big Bang Theory and Grey’s Anatomy
Hoping: that it isn’t arthritis
Marvelling: ….
Needing: to tidy up my work space
Smelling: a dog that needs a wash!
Wearing: my Birkenstock Gizeh’s – so comfortable
Following: the path Life has laid down for me
Noticing: just how much my Boy Child has grown – seems like I’m buying him new clothes every other month because he’s outgrown them
Knowing: that nothing is life is to be taken for granted
Thinking: that there is always lots to do and never enough time to do it
Feeling: tired alot
Admiring: the changing colour of the leaves
Sorting: washing… always with the washing
Buying: a Street Swag for my birthday present – I’ve got everything I could ever want, so I’m giving to others instead
Getting: groceries for dinner tonight
Bookmarking: lots of crafts and diy’s for ideas of what to make
Disliking: bad news
Opening: mail
Giggling: at a baby elephant having a bath
Snacking: on crystallized ginger and unsalted macadamia nuts
Coveting: a new lens for the camera…
Wishing: for a day or two at the beach…. by myself
Helping: kids with assessment tasks
Hearing: the sound of a saxaphone being practised

photo credit: bed via photopin (license)

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