taking stock #006


i can’t believe I missed taking stock last month

Okay, I can believe I missed it because my mind has been anywhere else but on my blog.

It’s been a big couple of months, so I made choices about where I would spend my energy.  The blog was sidelined there for a little bit, but I’m happy to say that things are getting back to normal – whatever your definition of normal may be…

Making: time for yoga every morning
Cooking: only when necessary
Drinking: ginger tea with honey – the perfect afternoon pick-me-up
Reading: Chasing Odysseus by Sulari Gentill
Wanting: to be less tired
Looking: forward to Melbourne
Playing: quiet meditation music when I need to calm my mind
Deciding: what photography packages I will offer in my business
Wishing: I could get more done in the time I have – it seems that my to-do list keeps getting longer
Enjoying: the beautiful weather we’ve had lately
Waiting: (impatiently) for our trip to Melbourne
Liking: the sound of birdsong in the morning
Wondering: where we will be for Christmas this year
Loving: an extra day at home
Pondering: …
Considering: having a nap this afternoon
Watching:  The Witches of East End – a great no-real-need-to-think-about-it show
Hoping: my Beautiful Girl does well with the HSC
Marvelling: at how calm my mind is after a yoga session
Needing: a coffee
Smelling: Spring
Wearing: my new glasses – I can see!
Following: lots of new blogs at the moment
Noticing: a shift in people’s thinking – slow is better than busy
Knowing: that before too soon it will be 2016
Thinking: about all things business related
Feeling: tired with the start of daylight savings
Admiring: the wisteria flowers on my back deck
Sorting: out the store-room
Buying: a standing desk – it should arrive this week!
Getting: excited for our Melbourne trip (are you seeing the theme yet!!)
Bookmarking: …
Disliking: the pain my Little Man’s knees are giving him
Opening: letters
Giggling: at my Little Man’s puns – please stop!
Snacking: on ginger and carrots
Coveting: a new lens for the camera… still
Wishing: for all the best for all of the Year 12’s – I will miss those kids
Helping: out at Walcha Handmade when needed
Hearing: birdsong in the backyard

until next time…

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