taking stock #007


there is so much happening in our house at the moment

Some of it regular run-of-the-mill, annual-event happenings, but other of it is big stuff… future stuff… scary stuff…

Reminding myself, that no matter what the scary-future-stuff brings, a good laugh and a good sleep will help.

bring it on

Making: time for yoga every morning (still!)
Cooking: up a storm for an 18th birthday party…
Drinking: nettle tea with honey – to help with my arthritis symptoms
Reading: Status Anxiety by Alain de Botton
Wanting: to be less tired and in less pain
Looking: for the answers
Playing: my brain training games every morning
Deciding: on what to cook for dinner every night of the week
Wishing: for more opportunities to pick up my camera and play… just because I can
Enjoying: time with my Beautiful Girl
Waiting: for school to go back
Liking: not having to rush in the mornings
Wondering: what the future holds for my Girl
Loving: afternoon naps
Pondering: how much is too much?
Considering: …
Watching: re-runs of Friends with the family – some nights we laugh so much it hurts!
Hoping: I get to go to Europe too…
Marvelling: at the resilience of kids
Needing: a foot massage
Smelling: the pie Husband warmed up for his lunch
Wearing: my pyjamas until midday some days
Following: what is happening with the girlies and the decisions they are having to make as young adults
Noticing: the little things
Knowing: that my Beautiful Girl will always only be a phone call away
Thinking: about all things business (still…)
Feeling: in control at the moment
Admiring: my Little Man’s determination to better his 50 metre freestyle time
Sorting: out the store-room… I’ve only just gotten to it…
Buying: fairy lights for a party
Getting: organised
Bookmarking: or rather dog-earing and underlining pages and passages in Big Magic
Disliking: people being bossy
Opening: a can of worms
Giggling: at the thought of red dust and early mornings, and wondering how she will cope
Snacking: on dried mango chips
Coveting: a holiday
Wishing: for cooler nights
Helping: out at Walcha Handmade
Hearing: the sound of flies buzzing against my screen door

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