Tasmania – Day 11

Today we’ve taken a boat cruise around Macquarie Harbour, out to Hell’s Gate and then up the Gordon River…

Absolutely stunning.

Luckily for us, the weather was calm so the boat was able to go out of Hell’s Gate and in to the Roaring 40’s.

Hell's Gate

The view up the West Coast, which on the drive in to Strahan yesterday took my breath away, left me even more speechless from the ocean side.

Raw beauty of the West Coast

We stopped off on Sarah Island – another of the penal colonies that Tasmania is known for.  There is very little left of the original buildings, but the view alone had me wishing I had a home on the island (although I’m not too sure I’d be saying that in winter!)

A brutal history with a stunning view

After lunch we stopped at a temperate rainforest along the Gordon River (think Save the Franklin River from the early 80’s).  And even though we were asked not to pat the trees I couldn’t help myself, I had to give one some love.

Sharing the love with a tree that is so much older than me

We’re on the road again tomorrow.  Heading back up in to Launceston for New Years with Sis, and a final cousin catch-up before this holiday draws to a close and we return to reality.

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